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            India’s Higher Education System is 3rd largest in the world, next to U.S.A and China, yet the number of students taking higher education is hardly 13%. Unfortunately our higher education system is plagued by a biggest problem of exorbitant costs and due to this, many scholarly students having dreams in their eyes and aspirations in their hearts, but hailing from poor, middle class and higher middle class families, can afford taking the higher education for becoming doctors, engineers, charted accountants, I.A.S officers etc.

            Five years back, Sunder Shewak Sabha, engaged in constructive philanthropy, started pious programme of giving Merit - & - Means Based - Economic Assistance - For Higher Education - To Scholarly But Needy Students. In the year 2008, 15 students were given scholarships worth Rs. 3.5 lacs. In the year 2017-18, 668 students were given help of more than Rs. 70 lacs. In the current year 2018-19, we plan to assist about  800 students with budget of Rs. 90 lacs. More than  400 students have already completed their graduation in engineering, medicine, science, accountancy etc. and are no more dependent on charity and instead are in position to help  other needy students. 

            We have a tie-up with Nav Jeevan Bank, Ulhasnagar. It extends educational loans to students recommended by us at subsidized rate of interest (8%) against Fixed Deposits organized by us. From this year onwards, the bank will extend loans to students doing post graduation studies abroad. 

            This pious Programme of enabling students to transform their lives as well as social fabric of our society, through higher education, has been possible with the active support and participation of many kind hearted well wishers like:-
Indira Gulabani, Kavita & Arjun Malkani, Kan Chatlani (Lagos),

  • Bhagwan Mirchandani, Rekha Jethwani, Khushal Jethwani & Saju Gulabani (London),
  • Veena Malkani (Accra),
  • Ashok Swalani & Bros, Shankardas Manwani, Mahesh Advani, Jagdish Kanjhan, Priya
  • Assumal, Narsinghani Family & Praveen Maghnani (Dubai) Social Welfare Group Of Sindhi Businessmen of Dubai,
  • Vijay Nihalani, Vashdev Adnani, Mahesh Jethani, Ram Kimtrai Trust & Ahuja Trust, all from Aamchi Mumbai.

We hope that together with well wishers like YOU, we shall take this life transforming project to a still higher level as children with professional qualifications can potentially play a vital role in the development of our country. Further, we are glad to inform that our friendly philanthropists have given us target providing educational help to 1000 students & budget of Rs. 120 Lacs.






Since Last 25 Years engaged in free training 
of Tailoring to needy ladies in order to
make them financially independent.




Since last 60 years engaged in a pre-nursery
Care of tiny tots.



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